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proverbs devotion December 9 2013

Proverbs Devotion – December 9 2013

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. “ (KJV) Proverbs 9:10 The idea of fear has been twisted. We tend to view fear as being afraid or scared – think horro films, haunted houses and dangerous situations. This scriptures uses a different word (yirah) […]

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Learn More to Write More

Writing to Know More

“Write what you know.” That directive has come at me from a number of different directions. My children will tell you that I know everything (and my husband will agree that I often live in that deluded state). I think that the experts teaching the point would say that I should write about family, rural […]

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Invest in Growing a Proverbs Life

Studying to Grow a Proverbs Life

Reading Proverbs every morning brings new revelation and inspiration to my day. I have started writing down on our calendar those verses that jump out the most. The side of the calendar page gets cut off and posted on the computer desk when the new month starts. The most surprising thing so far lies in […]

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Stop - Look - Listen to find the Wisdom of Proverbs

Looking for Wisdom

“Does not wisdom cry out, and understanding life up her voice?” Proverbs 8:1 Wisdom cries out to me and most days she struggles to be heard over the static and noise that surround me during my regular routine. She also has to compete with that ever present voice in my head demanding IT be the […]

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Learn about Wisdom in Proverbs

Growing in Wisdom through Proverbs

The other morning the Book of Proverbs left my mind spinning around thoughts of wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Twice it mentions them in that order – and it also says that wisdom is the principle thing. Webster defines wisdom as the making use of knowledge. I should have known that the Bible would approach the […]

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