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Would YOU Buy What You are Selling

Salesmen can be the most annoying animals on the planet – at least those salesman focused on getting their pay day. Successful salesmen know that selling requires two main components: 1. Confidence in the product. 2. A genuine desire to help the customer meet his or her need. Last night I had the blessing of […]

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Ears to Hear

Strife has a way of creeping into a church when no one is paying attention. It usually comes in the form of a minor complaint and quickly feeds off any troubles or discontent to grow into an oppressive presence. Services and gatherings begin to feel a bit hollow or shallow – like something is missing. […]

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Compromise with the World

The youth at church were going to a concert this evening. After reviewing the website of the place they were going I decided not to send my crew. There was nothing that was hazardous to their health – per se – but the website left me with a sour taste in my mouth. There seems […]

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