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Change happens by choice not chance.

Choosing Between Fear or HOPE

Does Fear or HOPE Drive Your Journey? “We don’t call each other names.” I reprimanded my son. This simple idea holds a high place in our family rules – second only to “do not hit your brother in any shape, form or fashion.” My son looked at me for a moment and then asked a […]

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a short story 1-24-15

Definition of Hope

What is the right definition of hope? Possible. Someone recently asked me to give my definition of hope or more precisely, she asked me what hope meant to me. Possible was the first word that came to my mind. I know that with hope, all things become possible. But hope is so much more than […]

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practical proverbs

Practical Proverbs – Intro

Practical Proverbs © 2011 by Kathryn C. Lang “This is not what I expected. Sometimes I don’t even like being around you.” My husband took the commercial break to drop these words on me. The show came back on and he was back in that box oblivious to the utter shock he had sent through […]

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the difference is hope

Just an Ordinary Day

The pain I feel does not take away from the fact that today is just an ordinary day. The thoughts swirling in my head do not take away from the reality of today being just an ordinary day. April 27, 2011 rained a nightmare on my area with four tornadoes touching down and affecting our […]

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A Moment of HOPE – March 11, 2013

I learned a get deal during #Strategy2014 at the Huntsville Marriott. The speakers, panel discussions and breakout sessions offered insights into Social Media and growing your online presence. They shared ideas on finding the right voice for your brand and translating that voice to different social media platforms. They talked about the importance of counting […]

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flooded tractor

In Over My Head

Did I jump too soon? I look around at my “almost there” moments and I have to wonder. Two and a half years ago, I was making a living wage writing content for others. It left me little time to write for myself. Two years ago, I wondered what could happen if I invested the […]

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