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Soar on to writing success

Discover the Steps to MY Writing Success

I choose . . . To live by choice, not by chance; To make changes, not excuses; To be motivated, not manipulated; To be useful, not used; To excel, not compete. I choose self-esteem, not self-pity. I choose to listen to my inner voice, not the random opinion of others. – Posted on a random […]

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Odd time for my muse to dance

Troubles with a Cramped Muse

My muse kicked me out of bed this morning. Nothing disrupts a night of peaceful sleep quite like a muse determined to dance RIGHT NOW! My muse skipped the “Telling Time” class in school so she acts on her desires and whims despite the fact that morning has not even broken. My muse understands that […]

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looking out on the water copy

Must Read Inspiration for 2011

The ladies on The View recently shared the books that have most inspired them and they encouraged their viewers to add the books to their must read lists for 2011. I had to go watch the clip for myself and I found that these ladies are very smart. Maybe that is because they chose two […]

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Oozing Inspiration

Tough times found their way to my front door. Finances tighten up by the moment. Frustration builds in a spouse trying to find his way (or a job – or both). The holidays only serve to put a spotlight on all of the struggles. But, it is okay. This morning I woke up knowing that […]

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From Inspiration to Article

Bible study and other classes can create some of the most inspirational moments in my day. Sometimes I even get the ideas down on paper. There are even those rare moments when the ideas get to leap from the paper to my computer and become legitimate articles. This last week was one of those times […]

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Aiming to Be Uncommon

Being normal is over rated. Most people are normal. It takes some that is uncommon to reach the mark of extraordinary. Stepping up to uncommon is not as difficult as you might think it would be. Tips to Becoming Uncommon 1. Let others go before you in the check out line. Time it if you […]

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Beckoning the Elusive Muse

Inspiration avoids me on some days. There are times when I can almost see it out of my peripheral view, but when I turn around to face that direction the muse has dissipated. This morning I was having a missing muse moment and shared with a friend who mentioned that it would be nice if […]

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