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Finding the Unique Path for Your Design

#IamMe The labels, demands, and accusations have been flying. They always come, but it seems the atmosphere has created a perfect storm for them to take flight. 1. The internet makes it easier to “be anonymous” 2. It has become acceptable to equate a person with the ideas of the person (so attacking either is […]

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flooded tractor

In Over My Head

Did I jump too soon? I look around at my “almost there” moments and I have to wonder. Two and a half years ago, I was making a living wage writing content for others. It left me little time to write for myself. Two years ago, I wondered what could happen if I invested the […]

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Discovering Your Writing Dream

Asking people about their dreams brings me a bit of delight. My question always comes in a phrase similar to “what do you want to be when you grow up.” My thinking is that as long as you are pursuing your dreams then you are never really grown up. Dreams keep you alive and young. […]

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