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Word Wednesday

Guilt Does NOT Come from God

The feelings of discouragement, failure, and guilt come from the enemy – often disguised as “corrections” or “directions” from God. Although God does offer guidance for our journey, He does not try to make us feel bad about the choices we make. Instead, He aims for us to be joyful in the better choices. # […]

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3 Simple Tips to Regain Focus

Things happen – getting back and keeping my focus happens only when I make the choice to change Focus directs the journey. I have to have the right focus. I want to end up in the right place. A lack of focus leaves me wandering in circles. I have to regain focus to regain the […]

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pointing to peace

Want Different – Choose Different

It is a choice. This path I am journeying down is a path I have chosen. Sometimes it is a deliberate, BIG choice. More often, it is the minuscule, barely noticed choices that add up for the direction. The choices are still mine. If I want to change directions, I have to choose different. I […]

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HOW to Be Courageously Honest

I stared at my White Board of World Domination and lamented that most of the year is gone and I am nowhere near the goals that I set out to accomplish. I watched the video of my presentation and bemoaned the image staring back at me. I listened to the accomplishments of my friend and […]

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2-13-15m chains

Freedom Grows Up from Discipline

NaBloPoMo Blog Post – Day One “Go do your chores.” I had asked. I had pleaded. Now I was on the verge of ranting. “No.” My son said and mumbled something else to me in his unique language. His brother was not around to translate. “What did you say?” I asked the closed door with […]

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Encouraging Scriptures

The Right Focus

Not Every Thing is My Business I got caught. I read the headline which led to me reading the story which forced me to read the comments. I struggled to find what was worse – the misleading title, the lack of research of the facts, or the blind belief that other readers confessed. Ugh. Why? […]

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