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Relationship Priorities – Two – Clutter Free

Clutter hinders everything and becomes an important factor in relationship priorities. I have discovered that when I am not rushed or overwhelmed or crowded in some way then I am in a better position to foster relationships and I have more to invest in those relationships. Relationship Priorities Begin with Being Clutter Free There is […]

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3-31-15 grumbling to change - dominos

Growing from Grumbling to Obedience

I looked at the back of my friend. It was the thinnest I had seen her. The snide thoughts ran through my mind. “That is too thin for her.” “I bet she is not as healthy as she was.” I waited to see her face to confirm the negative thoughts going through my mind. In […]

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1-28-15 complicated

Forgoing the Complicated for the Simple

My husband and I have very different method for cooking. I apply the “this looks like enough” method. He sticks to the weights and measurements offered in the recipe. I toss things into a pot or onto a cookie sheet and fire up the heat before declaring the meal is ready. He sticks to the […]

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Better Choices Just a Little Bit at a Time

I struggled to follow through on my little bit of exercise this morning. Actually, I struggled yesterday as well (although I did it). The results I want – those magic results I see everyone else getting with pills, programs or shakes – drags me down. It takes reminding myself that my “little bit” is not […]

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