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My Top 10 Inspirational Quotes

Finding the right inspirational quotes can be important to refueling my encouragement tank. Words from songs, movies, books, poems, or even live presentations can all catch my heart and lift my spirits. Over the years I have encountered some of these inspirational quotes that have helped me stay focused and at peace even when things […]

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Growing Up Relationships to Build Success

No matter what your focus – business, church, family, or hobbies – it is all fundamentally about relationships. The only way to reach my desired success goes straight through the heat of the relationships I create. I have to invest my time my effort, and my focus into the foundational relationships. There is just no […]

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3-31-15 grumbling to change - dominos

Growing from Grumbling to Obedience

I looked at the back of my friend. It was the thinnest I had seen her. The snide thoughts ran through my mind. “That is too thin for her.” “I bet she is not as healthy as she was.” I waited to see her face to confirm the negative thoughts going through my mind. In […]

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Turning the Chaos Into Something for Good

I have the ability to work through the chaos. As I type these words, the Little Drummer Boy is perched across the room “doing school.” His drum solos are only broken up by his rap interpretations. And yet, I have found a way to turn what could have been a distraction into a new direction […]

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Growing HOPE CWA Radio

Living Beyond Conventional

I can. I have made the same statement repeatedly over the last several weeks trying to move myself in the right direction. I know that if I will do what I know to do then I will get to where I need to be. Because I can. I have listened to others direct my path […]

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Maintain Focus to Arrive at the Desired End

I sat around thinking up ways to make the living wage we needed to pay the everyday bills. My plans were detailed. My designs were determined. At the end of the week, I still wondered why the checking account rang hollow. So I talked with some folks about how to make the living wage we […]

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