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The Write Purpose

Each person has been created for a purpose. The trick is uncovering that purpose. I tell others (and try to follow myself) that if you will discover your true passion it will lead to your purpose. Writing is my gift but sharing good, positive and uplifting thoughts that will encourage others and help others encourage […]

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Freelance Writer's Guide to Getting Paid

Freelance writing is one of those industries where you put all of your effort in upfront and then hope to get paid on the flip side. That may be one of the main reasons so many people give up on freelance writing before they get started. You can write the article on the hopes it […]

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Finding Success in Freelance Writing

The talk of money will usually come up when you gather together a group of writers. The subject came up at a conference I attended a few months back during a panel discussion. Each expert seemed to agree that freelance writing was a difficult profession and that not many people could make a living at […]

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