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2-13-15m chains

Freedom Grows Up from Discipline

NaBloPoMo Blog Post – Day One “Go do your chores.” I had asked. I had pleaded. Now I was on the verge of ranting. “No.” My son said and mumbled something else to me in his unique language. His brother was not around to translate. “What did you say?” I asked the closed door with […]

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3-31-15 grumbling to change - dominos

Growing from Grumbling to Obedience

I looked at the back of my friend. It was the thinnest I had seen her. The snide thoughts ran through my mind. “That is too thin for her.” “I bet she is not as healthy as she was.” I waited to see her face to confirm the negative thoughts going through my mind. In […]

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Distracted from God by Self

I had a second chance. The choir sang “Take My Life,” and I knew it was a call to me. The first time I heard that song I was attending Happening #1 in Alabama. It was at that moment of hearing that song that God pulled me aside. I felt Him in a way I […]

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Wall of Obeience

Wishes of Skinny Hit a Wall of Obedience

I looked at the back of my friend as she and her family knelt at the alter to take communion. She had been going through some shapely transformations over the last few months. Now I had to think of something to distract me from being jealous of her new shape. “She is almost too skinny.” […]

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Call to Worship

What is worship? The Greek and Hebrew words that are translated to worship meant to prostrate. They give the indication that we are to lower ourselves in the presence of God. I was thinking about worship during church the other day. It was one of those days when I would have preferred to be home […]

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Choose Obedience to the Right Path

This post was originally used in September of 2008. It holds true for my life at this moment so I thought I would bring it back, touch it up, and offer it to you once again. Over the last several weeks, every bible study I have been going through, every devotional that I have received […]

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Educated Beyond Obedience

My knowledge annoys my children. Homeschooling them means that I grade their papers. Even though I use a grade book, they still will challenge my corrections. The other always says, “You know she is never wrong.” Oh if that were only true how great would my life be? The trouble with my knowledge and education […]

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