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pointing to peace

Find Peace and Prosperity through Balance

Balance takes effort. It takes practice. It takes focus. Finding balance in the different aspects of my life – the spirit, the mind, and the body – brings opportunity and prosperity in abundance. Balance leads me to that place where nothing is missing and nothing is broken. I just have to find my balance to […]

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Settled in His Peace

Chaos has been haunting my life. Issues pop up. Schedules get marred down by the issues. And the lack of schedule causes more chaos to round out the cycle. In other words, life happens. I have accepted that fact, but that does not keep me from getting overwhelmed at times. I filled my past with […]

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Setting Priorities for Life

The times are fast and time is crowded. There is always something going on and the pace makes time slip away almost with out notice. Finding a life of peace and contentment requires uncovering the things that are truly important for you life. Determining What is Important 1. Head – Make a list of those […]

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Is it me?

Today is one of those days when I feel like I have it all together. I’m handling the temper tantrums with peace. My quiet time was just the right length. The only thing that I have accomplished this morning is the chore list. It’s been just over an hour since I came in from my […]

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