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You have possibilities in you

Getting Lessons on Stepping Out

In the realm of “making and growing relationships,” Yall Connect knocked it out of the park. Wade Kwon did an excellent job of bringing together a strong group of dynamic speakers and creating an atmosphere for networking. There were a range of opportunities to learn and connect, if you were willing to step out and […]

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Lessons to Learn from Sampson

Sampson lived on the edge. He was a man devoted to God by his parents. He looked the part of devotion but he never fully embraced the devotion for himself. He chose to walk the edge of obedience and disobedience and it cost him his life and cost the life of the people around him […]

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Becoming a Door Kicker

Sarah Palin said that she was looking for cracks and then plowing her way through the door. Sarah Palin is a door kicker. Door kickers do not wait until the path is clear of obstacles. They jump on in as soon as the opportunity arises. Peter was another door kicker. He didn’t think through the […]

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