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I Can Do More

I can do more, the problem I have encountered is that when I do a lot then I want to take a break and when I take a break then I don’t want to do more. But I can do more. Today was a great example of my ability to do more. I got it […]

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Growing Momentum – Actions Can Be Small

I have discovered that it is the little actions that make the biggest difference for me. When I take a little action with determination and persistence that sits on a foundation of consistency then I make big things happen in my life. Small Actions Add Up to Grow Momentum Actions do not have to be […]

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Growing Momentum – Actions Beget Actions

Once the momentum gets going, actions will continue to produce more actions. Actions do beget actions because the momentum of the first action makes the second action feel and look easier. If I will take that first step or do that one thing then the next one will come partly on the momentum the first […]

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wrestling control from circumstances 9-9-14

Overcoming Circumstances – a Lesson on Growth from Mushrooms

Refuse to allow circumstances to dictate your growth. Circumstances can change in a moment. You can move from the circumstances with the right twist or turn. The moment circumstances have control they will rule and once they have taken root they can be tough to remove. [tweetthis]The moment I give circumstances control they will rule.[/tweetthis] […]

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From Knowledge to Action

Finding my place in life takes more than just information – I have to know how to apply that information and then I have to take the action to apply that information. I can have a map of the state. It will not do me any good if I do not determine a location on […]

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Steps for Success in Life

Top Steps to Experience More Success in Life

I want more success in life. I want to experience that place beyond “just enough.” If I want to have more and be more then I have to be willing to give more. My deposits will directly determine my withdrawal capabilities. [tweetthis]What I put in will determine what I receive in my journey to success […]

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Just a Bit

The invasion had been scheduled to start just before noon. The first wave would be the lightest – only 12 or so and would make the perfect preparation for the onslaught later in the day. We knew it was coming, so we began to prepare (and by we, I mean me). Just a little bit. […]

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