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How to Trust Beyond the Limits of Knowing

Trust Beyond Knowing By Kathryn C. Lang (from the Reflections and HOPE archives) They knew boats. The men had been working on boats most of their lives. Some of them even came from boat building families. They knew what boats could handle – what boats were supposed to handle. They knew weather. The men […]

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Settled in His Peace

Chaos has been haunting my life. Issues pop up. Schedules get marred down by the issues. And the lack of schedule causes more chaos to round out the cycle. In other words, life happens. I have accepted that fact, but that does not keep me from getting overwhelmed at times. I filled my past with […]

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Steps to Faith

It is time to step out and do those things that you know you are suppose to be doing. Change can be scary. Unknown change can cause you to freeze in fear. But finding faith and walking in that faith will help you take those steps with out being slowed by fear. 1. Faith requires […]

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