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More than Writing

I hurt my hand. I have done it before and I know the best remedy requires wrapping my left wrist and letting it rest for a couple of days. Most people think of the importance of their right hand – particularly if they are right-handed. Writers need both hands, or at least I do. It […]

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Writing Challenge for December 19, 2010

The holidays can become overwhelming – particularly when the Christmas carols start blaring over the radio before the Thanksgiving turkey is even roasting over an open fire. Keep in the true spirit of the season by making some of those carols all your own. I had the chance to share one of my own concoctions […]

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Embrace the Critic

Recently a friend was reading one of my articles at my request wearing her editor and reader hats. The editor stopped at the first paragraph and pointed out how I used the word that twice in a sentence. “That is something that I do a lot,” was my prompt and humorous response. I was joking […]

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Too Busy Writing to Write

The last couple of weeks flew right by me. Two birthday parties, Christmas meals and the determination to get my writing back on track left me with a hole in my writing. I was so busy trying to get all my writing done for everything else that I forgot all about writing here. Do you […]

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Writing is Not Always about Writing

My writing is not just about me or about my writing for that matter. Sometimes there are unexpected consequences to pursuing my writing career. The last several Novembers I have jumped into NaNoWriMo with both feet – well, I have signed up to participate. Last year I boldly proclaimed that I would finish my second […]

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Understanding SEO, Blogging and Social Networks

Being a Proverbs 31 woman is tough enough without adding in modern technology. There are days when I think I finally have a grasp on things only to discover that I am completely clueless. Take this website for instance, I THOUGHT I was doing good – building my visitors, adding quality content and things of […]

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