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Building Blocks to Writing Success

Building Blocks to Writing Success is an eBook released by Kathryn C. Lang in November of 2011. It shares tips and suggestions for building a writing career based from her own experiences into the industry. “How do you make a living writing?” I get asked this question almost every place I speak on writing. Most […]

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Build a content writing business

Develop a Content Writing Career

Writing content afforded me the opportunity to expand my writing career into new direction. What started out as a way to earn a little extra money soon grew into a full-time writing opportunity. Content writing made it possible for me to find my niche and to pursue it with boldness. It is not a glamorous […]

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Jumping into a Writing Career

“You are now on your own.” The idea of launching my person writing floated around my head for months – years I might even say. The concept of making those writings the main substance of my income seemed like a Herculean task best left to the experts. The idea still cried out to be notices. […]

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Know your path for a freelance writing career.

Expectations of a Fulltime Freelance Writer

My freelance writing career started out of necessity. I NEEDED to make some extra money so that the bill collectors would not start collecting our stuff. That necessity allowed me to stumble over a place where I find joy and contentment in the work that I do. Some days it is overflowing, other days it […]

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Writing Full Time

Writing full time does not mean that I am writing for pay of every word that touches the paper (or computer screen). Building a freelance writing career requires many words that are written for my own benefit or for free exposure. Some writing is like the years spent at school to get a college degree. […]

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