The Difference of a Day

Wow – what a difference a day makes. Not only did the sun come out and brighten my day, but changing my focus changed the light within me. I came barreling at today like it was the most important day in the history of the world.

If you received the newsletter last night – [url=http://eepurl.com/7gYKD]a Word of HOPE[/url] – then you know that it has been a dark and damp few days (or weeks maybe, darkness kind of runs altogether). I have been working to focus but it has slipped out of my hands on more occasions than I like to count.

But what a difference a day makes.

In some ways, I guess today is the most important day in the history of the world because it is the only day that I can affect. I can look at it from the circumstances – which are bright and blue at the moment – or from the heart – which is determined and focused (at the moment). How I look at the day will determine a lot of what I accomplish with that day.

Today – I see nothing but amazing possibilities and I am chasing each one down. The difference is not in what I do but in where I focus.

[tweetthis]See possibilities in every moment and then pursue those possibilities and NOTHING will keep you from #success[/tweetthis]

The change in the weather has little to do with my new attitude. I made the choice – starting on October 1st – to choose better. I have been determined in making those better choices and have set personal guidelines to help move me in that better direction.

My attitude – that has been the difference. The right attitude will drive me in the right direction. I know that if I want to reach my unique purpose then I have to stay focused on that purpose and my attitude makes that possible.

[tweetthis]The right #attitude will give me the right #focus to pursue my purpose in life[/tweetthis]

The world will never encourage me to reach God’s will for my life. The world thinks pursuing that path is foolish or just a dream. The world thinks I am not normal.

The world is right – I am not normal. I am a peculiar people, chosen by God, set aside by God for a purpose and place. I am uniquely designed by God. I am His righteousness. How could that attitude not give me the focus to overcome anything and everything the world has ever thought to throw at me.

differene is WHOSE you are

Today – I am bold in pursuing my purpose because today I am walking out my steps in an attitude of God.

Be blessed – and be bold in WHOSE you are,


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