The God Walk – Finding and Following the Way

A God walk focuses on joining God at work – or more, it’s about joining Him in the blessings because He did all the work already.

Learning to Get Out of My Way

The problem is not in the plan but in the person. Until my destination becomes my focus, I will continue to get sidetracked. I need to see my destination with clarity and become so fixated on that image that it drives me to see (and be) more.

I sat on the deck listening to the birds – the loud cry of the crows ( a southern cousin of the raven) breaking through the light twitter of the songbirds. Crows can be loud – some experts say they act more nervous but I just think they are more talkative than contemplative (like the raven).

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I have had a tough time the last few years. Pursuing the things I believe I am designed to do and running into walls, sliding down sand dunes, or just stumbling into dark trenches. The falters leave me tired and confused.

“Lord I know that you can do all things. I know that you have done all things. If you can feed a man with the ravens . . .” Before I could finish my prayer, the crows sounded off. Their calls caught my attention in a new way.

We live in the woods, so seeing crows, or hawks, or any number of birds is not unusual. I once came out of the house and the front yard was filled with skulking buzzards. Seeing crows was not that unusual, but they called out during my prayer and it dawned on me that they are nesting in our yard.

The idea that crows are nesting in my yard touched me deeply, especially considering the direction I had been going with the prayer. I know that God sent ravens to feed Elijah – or I think it is more accurate to say that God sent the ravens with food to a certain location. Elijah still had to do his part and follow God’s directions for him so that he could be in the place where they were delivering. Elijah had to take his own God walk.

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I know God has done this for me – fed me, clothed me, healed me, prospered me, made my way – because I have read about His promises in His Word and because He is always faithful. I looked at the crows and recognized they are my reminder that God has done His part. Now I have to do my part to be where the blessings are being delivered.

How I Get in My Way

  • I make bad choices. I waste my time doing nothing (or worse, feeding my eyes and ears with things that are not bringing me closer to that place of blessing). I fritter away the day with the promise that tomorrow I will do more to make up for it. I give up just a little more because after that little more I will get back on track.
  • I get distracted by unimportant things. The newsfeed gets me off researching the history of a word and why that matters and I look up to see that half of my day has slipped past. Nothing in the newsfeed helped my journey. Nothing in the newsfeed bettered my abilities to pursue my purpose. Nothing that I learned was going to change the newsfeed.
  • I let emotions have control. I give into anger (at myself or others) and let that drive my actions. I get discouraged because I see no progress in my day or in my overall journey and I waller around in that discouragement. I get disappointed in others or in self and allow that disappointment to steal my energy and my drive.

I am the only hindrance in my blessed life. God has done His part and He just calls me to join Him in His provision and His purpose. I have to step up and step out if I want to live in that place.

Joining the God Walk

  • I have to hold myself accountable to do what I know to do. I printed out my schedule and intend to write out the accomplishments that occur over each weeks as I check off the tasks I have on that schedule. I make better choices when I am keeping a written record and also measuring the results.
  • I am going to put my timer to work again. The most I ever accomplished happened when I implemented timers to moderate my tasks. I need to engage my newsfeeds and social media without getting sucked into the black holes that they can become.
  • I intend to get back to more focused prayer and study spread out over my day. The more I am focused on the Word the more it will direct me instead of getting entangled in the emotions. I will never STOP acting emotionally, but I can begin to focus on the Word until it becomes my default action.

I can. I have said it before. I meant it then and still just stood there doing little or nothing. I can reach my desires. I can accomplish my goals. I can be that light that I am called to be – IF I will get out of my way.

Be blessed,


How do you get in your way? What steps can you take to begin moving out of your way and moving down your own path of success?

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