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Last night I had a huge deadline looming. Instead of working into the wee hours, I stopped what I was doing and worked on a puzzle with my family. I actually walked away from work to be with family – and it was more than worth it.

It all started after dinner when my middle son actually looked at the schedule I have posted and remembered that after dinner is suppose to be family time. “Yes it is family time.” I explained that first he had to finish all of his chores on the chart. The house was then struck by a whirlwind of activity as he and his older brother scrambled around doing their daily chores.

After all that effort, there was no way I was going to disappoint those kids. It may mean that today I will have to push myself harder than I have yet, but spending time as a family it more important than any deadline or paycheck.

• I am going to try harder to say yes to my children more often. Work can wait. The children will be grown up and gone before I blink.

• I am going to volunteer to do more for (and with) my family. Work may pay the bills for the home, but there is no home with out the bond of the family.

• I am going to slow down enough to enjoy what it around me instead of always focusing on doing things to get more.

My work will be better if I am happy. Taking time for my family not only brings me happiness, but it brings harmony to my home.

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