Top Ten Lies the World Tells You

Top Lies of the World and the Truths You Need to Know

My morning started out slower than usual, in part due to the falling rain hitting on the roof. Rain is too soothing to me and it makes me want to huddle under the covers and dream.

I got up and got started on my day – first with Scripture, then with a little movement, and finally with my emails. I have signed up for a lot of emails to get free stuff over the years and I have been trying to weed through the ones that I take time to read or at least to make time for those that I have signed up to receive.

It is the least that I can do since the sender took the time to create the email for me.

The first one I opened was from Jeff Goins simply because of the subject line. I’M TIRED OF THE LIES.

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See, I am tired of the lies as well and I was interested to see not only what lies were bothering Jeff but also what he intended to do about it.

He shared just three truths that contradict the lies we are daily fed by the world. He also included a link to a video series. It is worth the investment to spend a little time getting focus and encouragement from Jeff Goins.

I agreed with is three truths but there are a few more lies I want to reveal.

Lies the World Tries to Convince Me Are True

Lie #1: THEY have the answer.

Truth #1: They have AN answer. No two problems will ever be solved with the exact same solution. Each of us is unique, and although we can get pieces of the solution from the same place, our solutions will still have to be unique to our journey.

Lie #2: It’s not me. In other words, the problem is not in the individual but the system, the food, the program or where ever folks want to place the blame.

compromise or overcome

Truth #2: My choices have led me to where I am right now and only my choices will lead me to a new place.

Lie #3: I can change my situation without changing my mindset.

Truth #3: Until I change my mind I will never change my situation. I can manipulate the situation, but things will eventually settle back to where I started (or be worse). I have to retrain my thoughts to recreate my situation.

Lie #4: The answer is in the getting of more – more money, more time, more power.

Truth #4: The answer is in the letting go. When I release the need to get more for myself and focus on giving more to others then I find that I get more for myself. But it begins with letting go – of stuff, of selfish demands, of the unnecessary.

Lie #5: THEY want you to succeed.

Truth #5: THEY could care less about YOU. THEY are all about THEY. Understanding this one lie can make big difference in your journey through life.

Lie #6: It is free.

Truth #6: Someone always pays for what is free – either the individual getting the item or the next person in line. There is ALWAYS an investment required. It may be the simply the investment the giver made to provide for others, but there is an investment – free is not free.

Lie #7: The right education will give me the best job.

Truth #7: Education is just more knowledge. The right dedication, determination, and persistence will help me find and secure the best job for this season in my life. The education is a tool to help get me there. The real work (and the real power) will come from my investment in pursuit.

Lie #8: You have to do it on your own. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Make your way. Create your opportunities.

Truth #8: You will never do it alone. We are designed for relations because we are stronger in relationships. Although you are the only one that can take action in your life; you are designed to do it within the encouragement, inspiration, and comfort of relationships.

Lie #9: The people you know can be trusted.

Truth #9: You should not even trust yourself. You forget things. You choose to ignore things. Why should other people be any different? It may also be that what you thought and what they thought were two different lines of thinking. Get it in writing. READ what is written. It is easier to trust each other if you are all on the same page.

Lie #10: It is a complicated mess.

Truth #10: It is simple – it was simple from the beginning and it is still simple today. Have a dream. Plan for the dream. Believe in the dream. Work and invest in that dream until the dream becomes a reality. Rinse and repeat. It is the world that has made things complicated.

I have a choice – I can fall into line with the lies or I can break through with the truths.

Today – I am breaking through.

Be blessed,


I know there are more lies out there and there are more truths to be discovered. Share your top lies and truths in the reply section below.

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