Top Tips for Building Success in Writing

20 Tips for Success in Writing
My husband started writing online and it was been an adventure for both of us. It is still amazing to me, even after three decades of knowing each other, that we approach something that is the exact same so differently. It reminded me that although the goal of being a successful writer might be the same, the journey is always going to be different.

No matter how different the individuals, there are still some basic things that writers need to think about while pursuing a freelance career. Following a few easy steps will get you well on your way to the writing success that you desire.

20 Easy Tips for Writing Success

    20. Be on time

    19. Learn to listen to the client and give them what they want not what you think they want.

    18. Ask questions to clarify the expectations.

    17. Follow the directions.

    16. Remember that words are permanent so watch what you say.

    15. Be open to criticism and allow it to grow you into a better writer (same goes for rejection).

    14. Complete what you commit to do and do not over commit so that you cannot complete it.

    13. Get organized – in work, billing and life in general.

    12. Continue to learn.

    11. Master the technology.

    10. Network with others in the writing industry.

    9. Produce consistent writing.

    8. Write outside your current genre or niche.

    7. Become a strong researcher.

    6. Learn when to say no.

    5. Recognize when to say yes.

    4. Be willing to help others along the way.

    3. Become a speaker to promote your writing.

    2. Share your talents and experience with others.

    1. Be professional in your work, your words, your appearance and your attitude.

Little things often mean the difference between success and failure. Being willing to do a little more and to always produce the best that you can has the ability to elevate your writing to a new level. Putting words together is only part of the process. It is all of the things that you do beyond putting the words in print that will carry you to the place of success that you desire to go.

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