Wisdom Gives Life – Growing HOPE Radio – September 8 2014

Wisdom gives life and allows the heart to find the Light path for the journey. Storms are going to build up – but it takes a storm to create a rainbow. Pressure will come – and it will either crush you or you will hold firm until you become a diamond. Wisdom in the moment and for the moment will make all the difference for living in the world.

[tweetthis]“It takes a storm to create a rainbow.”[/tweetthis]

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The week did not go as planned, but between the rainbows in the sky and the rainbows in the encounters around me, I was okay with it not going as planned. It was tough because of the pressure. It was tiring because of the struggles. It was worth it all to see the brilliance of that promise painted across my heart.

I came to the understanding that learning is not the end – it is just the first step. I have to take the learning, add it to the wise counsel I experience around me, mix in a little of my own unique personality, and then pursue the final outcome with boldness.

I learn, grow that learning into wisdom, and then apply the wisdom to the steps for my life.

Discover Wisdom that Gives Life

    1. Stop resting on the excuses, the reasons or the buts (especially the buts). Determine to do and do.

    [tweetthis]“Be doers of the word and not just hearers of the word.” James 1. 22[/tweetthis]

    2. Keep on keeping on. Momentum can make all the difference you need, so once you begin just keep on.

    3. Start right now. Tomorrow will always be tomorrow. If you continue to talk about it instead of doing it then you will be talking about it this time next year.

    4. Create a schedule that works for you at this moment in time. Get up early if that is what needs to be done. Stay up a little late if that is how it will work. Make it a priority and then make time for that priority.

I must choose to invest in growing up my learning into wisdom. I then have to take action in that wisdom. Learning without action is just information. Action driven by wisdom gives life.

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