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1 Thing You Have to Do

There hasn’t been a time in my life when I didn’t wonder what God had planned.  While some things seemed simple – mother and wife – others have been one giant road block after another – writing, teaching, and speaking.  Today was the first day that I realized it’s not about the “big plan.”

God has one purpose for my life – that is to live in a personal, intimate relationship with Him.  If I spend all day today just working on that relationship and looking for Him right now, I don’t have the time to think about the plans He is laying out for my tomorrow.  He will take care of what He is doing.

I see Mark in a whole new light – “don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow has worries enough of its own.”  I had thought it was talking about the fretting kind of worry (how will I pay my bills?  What are the kids doing?  What about that promotion?).  Now I think it’s just talking about living.  That’s why it’s included with the passage about not thinking about what to eat or what to wear.

It almost goes against nature to think that God is concerned about my clothes, or my hair, or my weight.  The truth is that He is more concerned about anything that I am because that is the way a parent works.  But the great thing is that He takes it one step farther than we parents could ever do.  If I will focus on NOW and do what I know to do then my Father will take care of tomorrow.  He will lay out the “big plans” and He will have me prepared to take on all that lies in the path.

If you are not sure about the direction you are headed, take a moment to step back and talk to God.  Work on that intimate relationship with Him that He designed you to have.  Listen to His words and His direction.  Do the things that you KNOW to do (even if it’s just read, study, and pray) and wait for Him to make Himself clear to you.  If you know the Father then you will always know when He is direction you.

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