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10 Steps to Balance Your Schedule

Having a balanced schedule does not mean giving up all the things you love to do in order to do the things you need to do. It simply requires that you manage your time and eliminate the things in your life that don’t enhance your goals or that do create more work.

10 Steps to Balance

1. Write out the goals you have for your personal life, your family life, and your career. Include short term goals (monthly or yearly) and long term goals (five years and ten years).

2. Make a schedule of all the things that you do in one week. Include all meetings, drive time, and commitments. Be sure you put in the time for chores (like cooking, laundry, and cleaning).

3. Circle all the things you enjoy doing.

4. Highlight all the things you feel you are called to do.

5. Mark out those things that you don’t like to do and isn’t helping you in your long term goals.

6. Look at the things that you marked out. Is this something you can easily pass on to another member of your family or group? Maybe your husband is the chef in the family (or maybe one of the older children is showing a desire to work in the kitchen). Is it a job that would be better for you to PAY someone else to do (mow the lawn or clean the house)? Is it something that doesn’t really have to be done by anyone? Let go of those things that you don’t have to do.

7. Rewrite your schedule with just those items you have circled or highlighted. Overcome the urge to fill in the gaps. Allow your free time to be free time. You don’t have to schedule every minute in order to have an orderly life.

8. Think before you take on a new assignment. Ask yourself if it’s something that will enhance your goals, bring your family closer together, or make your future brighter?

9. Learn to say no. Just because you are asked doesn’t mean you have to agree. “Just say no” is a great motto to live by.

10. Enjoy your life. If you are doing things that make you miserable then you will be a miserable person to be around. Enjoy your life and the people around you will soon follow suit.

Being busy doesn’t mean you are using your time wisely. A balanced schedule is one that is focused and purposeful. By eliminating some activities, you can make your life (and your family’s experience) one that is full of joy.

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