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Men and Women Aren't So Different

It was all just a lie – probably started by some man – that no one ever stopped to investigate. Maybe lie is too harsh. It was a myth – myth, myth . . . “yes” – that has finally been put to sleep. When it comes to talking it turns out that the number […]

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A Shattered Memory

CRASH! The sound told the story without my even having to look. My grandmother’s antique candlestick had fallen off the mantle on to the rock fireplace below. Glass hitting rock is never a good situation. My immediate response was to kill my cat (the culprit in the situation). She was sitting on the rock – […]

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Division Will Destroy the United States

This is a crazy time for the United States.  In its young history, this country has never been so pressed to divide.  The only other time that division came up, the country fought to keep itself unified. But here we are – facing division with pride – even after so many died to keep us […]

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