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back to the foundation

Back to the Foundation

The world wants to hold me in its mold. The world wants to show me the way it works, the way it is done and the way it will continue to move. The world demands my attention and my submission. But I am not of this world, although I do live in it. My focus […]

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ten things

Top Tips for Finding Motivation

“Today I don’t feel like doing anything.” Some of you may recognize this as a line from the Lazy Song. Others of you may know it as a mantra that keeps you from getting to where you want to be. No matter which side you might fall, it is certain that you need a little […]

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practical proverbs

Practical Proverbs – Intro

Practical Proverbs © 2011 by Kathryn C. Lang “This is not what I expected. Sometimes I don’t even like being around you.” My husband took the commercial break to drop these words on me. The show came back on and he was back in that box oblivious to the utter shock he had sent through […]

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learning to manage time

Learning to Manage Time

Working from home – no matter what the job – can be difficult. It is too easy and convenient to say “I’ll do it tomorrow” and tomorrow so rarely shows up. Instead you end up getting farther and farther behind until it is just easier to quit. Now that I think about it, this is […]

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Decorating for Christmas

Christmas Cheer – Christmas Tradition

We decorate late around our house. I love the holiday season and I enjoy decorating, but my Episcopal roots carry the Christmas season into January. Tradition taught me that Christmas started on Christmas and ended on Epiphany. It added to the custom of decorating late when we had children in December. We wanted them to […]

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Psalm 34-4

Releasing the Fear by Finding Faith

I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4 Horror movies made up a regular portion of our weekends as teenagers. I would guess that most of the ones offered by our local stores spent some time in my living room. We stayed away from the slasher […]

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grow to god

Grow to God – Thoughts on Becoming His Design

No more changes. The bruises and scrapes my past had left brought me to a stalemate. If there was something different someone wanted then he would just have to go somewhere else. To paraphrase a semi-famous philosopher, “I was who I was and that’s all that I was.” This is the person that my husband […]

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Excerpt WATCH

Excerpt from WATCH – a Mystery Novel

Karen waited until the next morning to file the story. She came in early and found the photographer she had seen roaming through the crowds the day before. She settled down at her desk and hit the first key at her computer just as her phone started to buzz around. “This is Karen.” She had […]

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time for action

Time for Action

My husband announced that it was time to stop talking and to start producing – and by that he meant it was high time my words began to produce some change (the clinking kind). March will mark my “do or die” deadline, but I know he wants me to make a difference now instead of […]

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kick in the pants

Motivating my Writing

Getting a kick in the pants is usually what it takes to get me going again when I slow down. This morning the kick came – over and over and over. It just seemed that every word I read (from my prayer book for my children to the devotionals that I receive online to the […]

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