31 Day Challenge – Day 19 By the Skin of My Teeth

Yesterday was tough! There are days when I jump into tasks only to have time zip by with out notice. Yesterday was one of those days. Our church had taken off having Wednesday night activities for the summer and last night they started back. That meant that the couple of hours at night that I have been using to finish up my tasks was gone. And I did NOT plan for that.

I still got everything done – but I ended up staying up way later than I would have chosen under normal conditions. I did learn a couple of things from the experience and I will be more prepared the next time I’m faced with Wednesday night church.

    1. I learned I can still read while my husband watches television. It’s been a long time since we sat on the couch together doing that. I think it coincides with having kids – reading and kids does not go together.

    2. I learned that sooner is better than later because I have trouble focusing later – my eyes begged for sleep.

    3. I learned that taking time out to visit with family and friends before and after church would not end my world – even if I ended up staying up later than normal.

    4. I learned that I can enjoy the spontaneous if I have my responsibilities completed – and I don’t keep looking at my watch wondering when I can get back to it.

There is more to consistency than getting things done. Being consistent in the things I know I need to do gives me peace when doing things that spontaneously come up.

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