31 Day Challenge – Day 22 Can You Call Timeout in Life

Things are still moving along at a fair clip. Yesterday was a glorious day and I enjoyed the weather and got things done inside which is a magic juggling act that I don’t always pull off. But I want a break. I want to sit down for a day and not do anything or think about anything. Truthfully I want to crawl in bed and go back to sleep.

This is one of those days when I wish that I could blow a whistle, throw up my hands or tap the ref on the shoulder and call a timeout. It FEELS like I need a rest. But even as I write this I know that the Coach understands all of my needs, wants and desires and He provides the timeout when I truly need it.

Getting Beyond the Timeout

    1. I will go for a walk and watch the sunrise, the sunset or just the clouds dancing across the sky.

    2. I will go swing as I as I dare and then just let the breeze blow around me.

    3. I will sit in a hot bath until the water starts to cool and then I will run some more hot water and do it again.

    4. I will throw the Frisbee, baseball or football with the kids or just kick a ball around and play.

    5. I will visit with a good friend and laugh.

    6. I will fix my hair, get dressed up and then face my day no matter where I need to go during that day.

    7. I will light a bonfire and let the kids cook out while I enjoy the crackling, dancing flames.

    8. I will sit by the creek, the lake or the ocean and listen to the moving water.

The act of enjoying one aspect of my life usually is all that I need to get going in other areas. A little refreshing will push me to stay in the game and the knowledge that the Coach knows my limits will help me stay in it until He calls me out.

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