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31 Day Challenge – Day 4 and Getting Better

There is nothing worse than making a public commitment to do something only to stumble out of the gate. I stayed up late last night to finish my tasks but I marked each and every one of them off. The race is still on!

Today is a little better.

It seems that the items on my list are getting easier to accomplish. I still feel that more work could be done each day but I am meeting the amount of time allotted for work on my list so that’s something.

The biggest stumbling point for me is my family – or at least my husband. How come your spouse isn’t moving at the same speed as you are most of the time? It seems that we are both going in the same direction but that maybe we are on different trips. Explaining it sounds better in my head.

My children continue to improve – hopefully spurred on by the tenacity of their mother :D. They are still testing the waters to see how much they can get away with but I guess that’s to be expected when you out grow your mother when you are only 12. Learning consistency in my own life will help me teach them consistency in theirs.

Are you making changes in your life?

Change is not always easy but it is only by making changes that we can continue the forward progress that leads to where we want to go. Step out today into a new you and a new way of thinking. Make the commitment to make the changes that will move your world!

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