31 Day Challenge – Day 5 Tantrum

“I don’t WANNNNA.” Every parent has probably heard this cry at least once. Today I heard it in my own head as I was ticking off the few remaining items that were left on my list. I don’t want to do it – but I’m going to do it.

In the end that is all that consistency really comes down to. Doing something just because you know you should do it and not because you FEEL like doing it. Change your attitude and your feelings will follow.

Take the Steps to Change Your Attitude

    1. Start moving – the toughest part of any job is the very beginning. Once the ball is rolling it is easier to keep it moving.

    2. Smile, laugh and dance – find your favorite song and have a good time! Even just smiling at nothing does something to boost your energy level.

    3. Take a hot bath – let your body relax and recharge so that your mind can get working once again.

    4. Go for a walk – there is just something about being outside on a nice day that makes you feel better about everything else.

I confess – I still don’t want to do the rest of my list. I WANT to take that hot bath and go to bed. Even if I stopped right now I know I wouldn’t actually do that. The kids will come in from the pool and I’ll be up helping get them in bed. Instead of sitting around putting things off I can just get them done and be ready to get ready when I get them ready.

It is often easier to walk away from something that you know you need to do but in the end it is simpler just to do it now instead of having to deal with the problems, extras and situations that come from procrastination. What are you doing to get beyond the tantrum and get on with the challenge?

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