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34 – The Need for Monitoring with the Quote of the Day and Growing HOPE

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Quote of the Day

“Keep an eye on your budgets so you keep control of what you are investing. If your investments get out of control, they will run you over..”

#Quoteoftheday - power of monitoring

Thought of the Day

Monitor the Journey

You need fuel to drive your car, and you have to monitor the amount of fuel so you can maintain the journey.

Life is no different.

To get to where you want to go, you need resources. You have to monitor those resources to ensure that they are working the way you want for what you want.

If you want to maintain control, budget out your resources and keep an eye on how your actions are aligning with that plan.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Do You Balance?

Take time today to balance your budgets.
Weigh what you are doing with where you want to go.
Adjust as necessary.

Challenge for October 10 - balance the budget

Scripture Focus

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we shall not fear.” – from Psalm 46:3

Scripture Focus - Psalm 46:3

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Find Your Focus

You have to find your focus to stand strong against what comes at you. It will take focus to get through – through the storms, through the opinions of others, through the next step. Find your focus and then hold on tight.

If you need help finding your focus, let’s talk. Visit CoachforFocus.com to learn more or click below to set up your free 30 min jump start call.

find your focus

Today’s Growing HOPE broadcast

Growing HOPE Daily - 34 - Eyeing the Budgets

34 – Eyeing the Budgets

It turns out that once you set the budgets, you have to keep an eye on them so that you recognize the moment you get off track with your budgets.

    The budget is only as good as the monitoring you are doing to keep an eye on how you are following the budget.
    #GrowingHOPE - five points - eyeing the budgets

  1. Write down the use of the budgets. If you have it in front of you it’s easier to follow.
  2. Balance the budget by the hour (or the smallest segment of that budget).

  3. Balance the budget each quarter (because sometimes the smaller segments get by without notice).

  4. Review and adjust – if you don’t adjust for what you see you might as well not budget in the first place.

  5. Start with a clean slate each day.

  6. If you are going to make the most of the budgets you are using to make the most of your journey then you need to keep an eye on those budgets.

    Growing HOPE - monitor the budget

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