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4 Simple Reasons It Takes Courage to Lead

It takes courage to choose to lead. Leading requires you step out in front, or at least that you take responsibility for the direction of the boat. When you are leading there is nobody but you to blame. Leading requires that you have the courage to stand strong.

courage to take the lead
Leading can be scary. It’s hard to hide when something happens if you are standing up in front. It might be scary, but it is also necessary if you want to build up your unique life instead of giving that control to others.

I’ve never been fond of leading. I tend to “lead from the pack” without taking the stage. I didn’t want to be responsible for what might go wrong and most days I was more than willing to not be responsible for what went right.

It turns out you can’t lead your life from the pack. You have to step up and take control if you are going to make the change for your life.

Courage to Lead

    Leading requires a choice – even if that choice is only to take the lead. Intentional actions for purpose will put you in the lead but it will also take you to your desired destination (instead of letting others send you where they want).
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    It’s scary because others are watching – and you might fall or mess up. When you are out front, there is no way not to be seen. It’s like walking down the catwalk at a fashion show. If (or when) you trip, they will all notice. Own your steps. Own your falls. It won’t matter anymore if they are watching.

    Leading forces you to face down change – because it pushes you to move. You can’t lead from where you are. Leading requires forward momentum which means you can’t stay here. Change is inevitable and change means not knowing and not knowing can be scary.

    You will have to lead your way – because you are you. It sounds simple enough, but even simple ideas can be scary. You can’t learn from others (and you should), but you will have to walk out your unique way if it’s going to work for you – and if you are going to lead you need to choose the way that works.

It will take courage to step up. It will take courage to push forward. It will take courage to lead. If you want to live out your possibilities then you have to dare to step into the power of leadership courage.

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