4 Tips for Making a Unique Way Out of the Box

You are unique in all the world. No other person exists that has your same experiences, talents, abilities, education, or interests. The path you walk will always be the path less taken because only you can walk down that path.

I get this. I have always had some understanding that I am not designed to be like everyone else. I have never been the type of person that could be comfortable “In the box.” I have been encouraged and gladly assumed the mantle of walking to the beat of my own drum. I stood against the tide (sometimes because that was where I wanted to be and sometimes because I was too stubborn to give in). I chose to be different.

Until . . .

Responsibilities stepped in front and demanded attention. Doing things by my own rules when it was me. I could be braver when I was standing alone or at least on my own. I was the only one affected by what I did and how I chose. Marriage, kids, and other responsibilities changed all of that. I have to think about others before I step out. I have to consider the results on others before I leap in faith.

The reality of circumstances around me have pushed me to look at things in a different way. The moment I began looking at things, I lost my focus on being unique. Because I lost my focus, I looked around one day and discovered that I was closed up in a box.

It turns out that I still do NOT like boxes.

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I wanted to be free, but I had to be responsible. I determined to re-evaluate my journey and to find a new way to weigh my uniqueness against my responsibilities so that my uniqueness could support and even boost me to the next level. It more I invested in learning about the balance or how to get there, the more I began to realize I had fallen into the lie I had managed to avoid for most of my single life.

Quote - box of they design

The rules, regulations, and requirements set up by the world have not worked for me because I am not like the “THEY” that set up the rules, the regulations, and the requirements. I have been stuck in this box because I have been investing my resources into the steps of others.

I am not others.

Breaking Out of the Box (AGAIN)

  1. Recognize uniqueness. I can learn from others – and I should. I can gain wisdom from the experiences of others – and I should. I need to be consistently invested in learning and growing. BUT, I must craft my own, unique journey because I will never be just like others.
  2. Understand the need for effort. Getting anywhere requires that I put in time, energy, and resources to get there. It will take investment and effort. It will NOT fall into my lap. It will not chase me down and tackle me. It will not happen upon me. I have to grow. I have to stretch. I have to prepare. I have to move. I have to take all of the steps to reach the destination that I desire.
  3. It is up to me. If I am not where I want to be then I am the only one to blame. This hurts me the most – because too often I want it to be your fault. I would rather not carry the burden. It needs to be circumstances, genetics, or another person to make my life easier (not even the lottery will fix it). It is ME. I will stay where I am until I become uncomfortable in this place and then I have to make choices that demand change. Even then, only I can create the change by making different choices.
  4. Keep it simple. The easier it is the more likely I will do it. I have to make it easy to do what I know to do – however that looks. Eating healthier will require that I have easy to fix, HEALTHY meals prepped and ready. Writing more requires that I have my files organized and ready to access when I can notch out some time. The easier it is to do the better thing then the apter I am to do that better thing.

I will never get there trying to follow the footsteps other others. I am not others. I have to make my own way. Making that way will be easier if I gain insight and wisdom from wise counsel that has gone on before. I still have to make my way because only my will get me there.

Be blessed,

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