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4 Ways to Get Along Without Being Apart

You have to find a way to get along because we are designed to be in relationship with each other and the only way to be in relationship is to find ways to get along. Some days it can be easy because we are all on the same page.

Other days, not so much.

No matter what day, you have to find your way to get along.

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May 28, 2020

Daily Dash of Twisted Encouragement

Find Your Way to Get Along

I like my family. They make me laugh and encourage me to do more and be more than I could on my own.

Most days.

After more weeks than I want to count of living in a hotel with my family, I am realizing just how small a hotel room can be and it takes a lot of patience to keep liking my family so much.

We had already been cooped up for a month as we were “safe at home,” but at least at home, we had different rooms to hide in and separate. Now, the only time you get time alone is when you go to the bathroom.

Still, you have to find a way to get beyond the lack of space and find a peace that will pass beyond it and let you keep liking your family.

Get Along Without Being Apart

Sometimes you have to stay close even when you want your own space. Getting along when you can’t get away may take a few pivots and creative twists, but you can do it.

  1. Invest in headphones – noise-canceling headphones would be best, but any will help. By having headphones you can each enter into your own world without interrupting the worlds of the people around you.

    My son has found his quiet place in the corner of the hotel with his headphones on. There are times when we don’t even realize he’s still in the room with us (literally as I was writing this, my dad walked in and asked where my son was).

  2. Make a way to get away or to be alone. Run any errands alone – or send everyone out to run errands without you. Switch up who runs away or who takes everyone with them, that way everyone gets a chance to have some alone time.

    My husband and I run errands together some days. Other times he takes our son with him to give me alone time. And sometimes he takes off by himself.

  3. Stay active – even if you have to be active in little bits. Getting up and getting moving can help you relax and relieve the stress around you (and in you).

    Today, I took a walk around by the lake and up the hill near the high school. It was nice to get out and enjoy the scenery, the breeze, and the quiet.

  4. Find a place. No matter where you are, there is a place you can make your own. Even in a hotel, you can create a space.

    My dad has taken to hanging out at the fire pit the hotel has set up. He even refers to it as his office. I set up my office on the bed in a way that will let me stretch out my legs. We are finding our place and our way.

Sometimes you can’t get away from each other and you have to find a way to still get along. When you want to be able to keep liking your family even when you are forced into a situation that makes it a challenge, you have to find little bits to get you through.

How do you stay close when you can’t get away?

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Quote of the Day

“Everything you do is fundamentally about relationships.” – Kathryn Lang

It is all about relationships. No matter what you are building – or where you are building – the foundation is set on the relationships around you.

How are you growing relationships?

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