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5 Best Indefatigable Focus Points Help Fire Up Promise

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Friday – Indefatigable

I can. I can because I am worth it. I can because I am indefatigable. I can because I refuse to stop. As long as I know I can, and I am determined I can, then I will. It really is that simple.

MAP IT OUT - Podcast - Indefatigable

5 Results of an Indefatigable Focus

I have to position myself to never quit. I can adjust the journey. I can realign the steps. But I have to be so locked into my purpose that I will not quit.

Because ultimately I am the only one that can live my purpose and I am the only one that can fulfill my purpose because I am the only me out there.

  • I am not tired – the purpose is so strong and anchored in my heart that I never tire of its potential.
The indefatigable focus will not be discouraged because it is the hope of the promise that drives the next step. Click To Tweet
  • I’m not exhausted – the path I am walking inspires me to keep going because of the promise it holds.
  • I’m not yielding – the trials and challenges that come do not hold me back because there more on the other side has more pull and more say in what I do.

  • I am not worn out – the steps are many and the journey is long, but the possibilities and the promise ignite hope that refreshes the spirit.

[tweetthis]The indefatigable belief ignores the walls of the box they have built and determines to soar into all that can be.[/tweetthis]

  • I am without ceasing – the only way there is to go – and to keep going until I am there. And so I go.

I have to keep on keeping on if I’m going to get there. I’m the only one to do it and ultimately it is only my belief in the purpose that can keep me pursuing it. I have to believe, and then I have to step, and then I have to refuse to stop.

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#GrowingHOPE with Kathryn Lang

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