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5 Good Tips from Growing HOPE for Constancy

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Thursday – Constancy

My BIG DREAM goals are within my reach – if I reach for them. Constancy keeps me reaching even when the circumstance, the situations, and even the people are trying to hold me back from doing all that I’m designed to do

#GrowingHOPE - MAP IT OUT - Constancy

5 Ideas on Constancy

Endurance makes a difference by giving me the staying power to live on purpose and in purpose. I have a design and I am going to put endurance to work so that I can live it out.

  • Constancy despite the environment.
  • Constancy despite my position.

  • Constancy despite circumstances.

  • Constancy despite the situation.

  • Constance despite others.

It is up to me. If I am going to live out my BIG DREAM goals then I am going to have to make the choices and take the steps that will get me to my BIG DREAM goals. Having a focus on my purpose – a constancy that drives my actions – will make it a little easier for me to stay bold on my path to purpose.

Constancy gives me the fortitude to carry on despite the obstacles that seem to be in the way. Click To Tweet

It takes boldness to reach my possibilities. It takes courage to keep stepping when everything and everyone seems to be telling you to stop – or demanding you quit. It takes a focus locked into purpose – a constancy that refuses to quit no matter what – to make it through this journey.

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#GrowingHOPE with Kathryn Lang

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