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5 Growing HOPE Tips Help Make a Tidy Body

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Wednesday – Tidy Your Body

I need to keep aiming higher, but I also have to appreciate the moment. I can organize my body, or tidy up who I am, by accepting this moment and moving forward from here.
If I will listen and if I will learn and if I will apply then I can make the best choices [/tweetthis]

THEY have a lot to say about what I need – the amount of sleep, the amount of water, the amount of butter or not butter, the amount of sun, the amount coffee, the list is never-ending, but it is always changing – because what I need more of today I will likely need less of tomorrow.

It means I have to make a choice to listen to my body, learn my body, and make the better and best choices for my body.

Working on a Tidy Body

I tidy up my body – or make the most of my moment – when I follow a few simple ideas.

    #GrowingHOPE - MAP IT OUT - Organize

  • I get enough sleep.
  • I get enough movement.
  • I get enough care.

  • I get enough fuel.

  • I get enough downtime.

How I feel will effect what I accomplish. How I look will affect how I feel. Taking time to invest in organizing my health and wellbeing by keeping my body tidy will position me to make the most of journey.

[tweetthis] I need to find my way because it is the only way that will work for me


The key to keeping the body tidy is like everything else – I have to find what works for me so that I will work what I plan. It is not about doing what THEY say is important, but about listening to the wisdom and knowledge and also listening to my body and then making it work.

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