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5 Practical Tips Help Develop Habits for Being Considerate

Be considerate to others and with others if you want to sow the seeds for growing relationships. I does not come before you – or it shouldn’t. When we focus on others and being relentlessly helpful to them and for them then we create our own success in the process.

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be considerate

“Me me me me me” may be a warm up call for a singer or opera star, but it has been known to be the call of society. We want others to do for us.

I was there, not too long ago. If’ I’m completely honest, I was there this morning when I saw the dishes in the kitchen and asked my son to wash them. It wasn’t about him. The request was all about me and what I wanted from him.

The cry of “MEEEEEEE” sounds a lot like the screetch of breaks and will stop the progress of growing relationships.

Nobody likes a Mebody.

It’s important to be invested in your unique journey because only you can get you there. It is equally important to understand that helping others up is the fastest way there yourself.

Be Considerate

    • Listen twice as much as you speak. You were made with two ears and only one mouth. Science may tell you so it’s possible to hear better with two ears (which is important) but it also tells you to hear more. Listen to understand. Listen to learn. Listen to connect.
    • Write before you speak. Taking a moment to write down what you hear and your thoughts on those ideas will help you clarify your own ideas. It will keep you from speaking out of turn, out of place, or even miss-speaking your ideas.
    • Think before you share – this holds doubly true on social media. Just because you believe it doesn’t mean you need to share it. Just because you think it doesn’t mean you have to let it out.
    • Wait to be asked. You may have an opinion. You may even have the answer. Until someone is open enough to ask they are not likely open enough to hear what you have to say. If you wait then what you share will not only be heard but will often be appreciated.
  • Lower your tone. A soft answer turns away wrath. Speak with a calm tone by relaxing your muscles before you answer. It may only mean that you don’t get upset, but one less upset person in the equation equals a better situation for you.

Choosing to be considerate means you are invested in others. When you are invested in others then you position yourself to grow up foundational relationships. People will want to connect with you when they know you care about what they have to say. People will get tired of you when all you talk about is you.

Invest in others by being considerate of others.

Be blessed,
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