5 Steps to an Extraordinary Life

Today can be an ordinary day or it can be the beginning of something extraordinary. The difference lies in attitude. Refuse to approach today like you have every other time and the difference is crossed.

Tips for Living an Extraordinary Life

    1. Expectation – God is ready to move in my life. I have to know and expect that to happen and to happen NOW.

    2. Action – God wants me to be blessed but He expects me to do my part. I have to move to where I am called to be if I expect to have the blessings. My life must be inline with His purpose.

    3. Believe – The best is yet to come. God will restore my life when I get moving to where He is and all that He has is better than anything that I had before.

    4. MoveGod has already told me what I need to be doing. It may be something as small as spending time reading the word every day or something as grand as selling everything to pursue a life in the mission field. No matter what directions I have received I have to move into what I have been told to do.

    5. Repair – My commitment with God and to God has not been all that it should be. It is time to admit my faults and my hindrances and to repair any damage through confession. Restoration comes when I tear down the walls that I have built so that God’s tower can become my protection.

Living an extraordinary life comes from the expectation that my life should be extraordinary. I was designed before the beginning of time for this moment and this place. That alone makes me special, unique and extraordinary and grasping that idea will lead me to the extraordinary life that God desires to restore to me.

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