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5 Tips to be Open to Make Room for More

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Growing up relationships starts with being willing to be open. A life closed up in a box will never be able to make new connections. All relationships begin with those connections. If you want to build more relationships for your life then begin by finding ways to be open.

open door
No matter how cool the door may look, you have to open it to get through.

Growing up, people never locked their doors. Guests came and went often because the open door meant they were welcome. One evening, we were sitting at my aunt’s playing cards when a school friend stopped by. She had never been to my aunt’s so she rang the doorbell.

Everyone around the table looked up at the ceiling. We had never heard the sound.

“What’s that?” My cousin asked.

When we realized what it was, we opened the door and my friend came in.

If the door had been open and not just unlocked, my friend would never have considered the doorbell. If my friend had been closer to my aunt then she would have known not to use the doorbell.

Relationships are founded on openness and relationships flourish in openness.

Tips to Grow Openness

    be open to more

  • Be open to new opinions and ideas. It turns out that not everyone believes the same things. How about that! Be willing to listen – and listen without trying to find a place to jump in and give your own opinion.
  • Be open to a variety of tastes. Variety is not only the spice of life but it is also the key to balanced health. If you listen to your body, it will not want the same thing day in and day out. Your mind may tell you it does, but your body will reject the premise. Be like Mikey, “Try it. You’ll like it.”
  • Be open to different directions. The more you learn the more ways you may uncover to get there. More importantly, you will learn the better ways to get there at the time you are going.

  • Be open to unexpected experiences. The unexpected will happen. You can fight it or you can embrace it or you can find a way to be okay with it. If you are open to the unexpected experiences you encounter you will not waste your energy or resources fighting what’s going to happen.
    Be open to unique interpretations. Every eye will see the image with a different perspective because every eye is unique. Let the vision of others ignite the possibilities of your own vision.

Driving home from school the other day, my son and I turned a corner to see a unicorn standing in a field. I slowed down. Although it was a horse standing at the perfect angle so that his ears looked like a horn, I still declared it was a unicorn. Now, on our drive home from school each day, we see other great imaginations. The imagination game has even given life to a new novel idea.

Because I saw something that wasn’t there and allowed my imagination to embrace the image, it gave flight to more vision (and lots of laughter).

The best thing about being open to these new visions and new ideas is they create new connections with the people around us. The more you connect the more you can grow up relationships for your life and in your life.

Be blessed,

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