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5 Ways Growing HOPE Dares to Dream to Fuel Purpose

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MAP IT OUT – Week 4 – Inspiration

Thursday – Dream

I have it in me to be more than I am – but I have to let it out to make it so. I have to try. I have to dare to step. And I have to be willing to dream if I am going to position myself to live extraordinary.

It is the heart that dares to dream that will have the courage to try. Click To Tweet

Different Ways to Dare to Dream

It will take outrageous ideas – the enormous, atrocious, and tumultuous ideas that shake things up and stir things up – to break out of the box of ordinary and expected.

    MAP IT OUT with Growing HOPE - Inspiraiton - Dream

  • I day dream – taking snippets of the day and allow my imagination to run free.
  • I invest in reflective contemplation – thinking on the “what if” moments of different choices moving forward.

  • I make room in my day for conceiving dreams – the dreams that breathe life into the incredible ideas that make room for possibility choices.

  • I take time for collective dreaming – sharing in the fantasy possibilities with friends and family.

  • I ground my dreams – not by crushing their potential but by giving them the foundation to grow up into possibilities.

I have no more excuses. Either I try or I have to admit to myself that the dream in my heart was just a fantasy – one that I never wanted to see come to life and one that I was never willing to invest in.

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I have to let my mind grow up dreams if I want to make room for my life to grow up possibilities and live out purpose. It is not about living in a fantasy world but about making way to create a fantastic place of purpose unique for me.

A YouTube Broadcast – A Moment of HOPE with Kathryn Lang

This Moment of HOPE YouTube Broadcast offers a burst of inspiration in under one minute

Dreams make way for turning the impossible into the possible – we all need to take time to dream – without limits, without restrictions, without expectations – just dream of what could be if only – and then we put action to the dream. When I dream, I start the process of living out a life beyond the ordinary.

Quote of the Day to Inspire and Encourage

Quote of the Day - Hold Tight to Dreams

“When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go.” – Carol Burnett

Dare to dream and then hold tight to the dream. Things are going to happen. Life is going to come along. Even the world will seem to conspire against your dream. Hold tight.

You are the only one that will ever care for your dream as much as you do. You are the only one that can make your dream into your reality. It is up to you. So dare to dream, dare to hold, and dare to step out!

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