5 Ways to Light Reflects Darkness – Growing HOPE

5 Ways to Light Reflects Darkness – Growing HOPE

#GrowingHOPE with Kathryn Lang

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Friday – Dark Reflecting Motivation

Motivation is not a magic wand or an easy button – it is a tool for hope. It brings me light in the darkness and gives me a foundation to stand on through the storm. Invest in crafting the tools to grasp motivation that will reflect the darkness.

#GrowingHOPE Podcast  - Dark Reflecting Motivaiton

5 Steps to Build Dark Reflecting Motivation

I find that I can have the motivation I need if I take five steps:

  1. I build a wall – and I mean I have a literal motivational wall. It is the great things people have said about me or written to me along with favorite sayings, cards, and pictures.
  2. I have a hand-written journal – I keep a written record of breakthrough moments and I review it regularly.
  3. I learned to say NO – with a block, an ignore, or the off button.
  4. I embraced the power of shhhhh – be quiet or find quiet.
  5. I prepared – always – and in as many ways as I possibly can.

Motivation produces a shield that will reflect the negatives that come against me in my day. Motivation is the spark of light that drives out the darkness. I have to be invested in motivation so I can stand strong through the storms.

If I’m not invested in regular motivation then I will end up making a way for discouragement. Click To Tweet

It is up to me to build the foundation of motivation that will shield me from the darkness and the negatives.

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#GrowingHOPE with Kathryn Lang

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