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53 – Praise Promotes Possibilities – Get 5 Tips for Praise with Growing HOPE

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Praise promotes possibilities to grow hope and live in purpose.

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Friday, November 1, 2019

Quote of the Day

“Praise is a connection from your heart to God’s. A heart connected to God will be more ready to serve others.”

#QuoteoftheDay - praise is a connection

Thought of the Day

Within Your Grasp

Your all is within your grasp.

You simply have to choose.

You can choose to push forward towards your BIG DREAMS or you can choose to move away from those dreams.

It is a simple decision with complicated, crowded, and chaotic stuff in the way.

Today, make the choice to push past the stuff and to move one little bit closer to the BIG DREAMS.

You are one choice away. Choose the dream.

Growing HOPE - quote - purposeful in praise

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Within Your Grasp

What do you want?
What can you do to get there?
What is stopping you?

Challenge - November 1 - within your grasp

Scripture Focus

“A wise man will hear and increase in learning. A man of understanding will acquire wise counsel.” – from Proverbs 1:3

Scripture Focus - Proverbs 1:3

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Place in Purpose

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place in purpose

Today’s Growing HOPE broadcast

Growing HOPE Daily - header - 53 – Praise Promotes Connections

53 – Praise Promotes Connections

We do better when praise leads the way. We are more confident and comfortable when the positives are the foundation. And since the world isn’t actively invested in making it happen for us, we have to set up the habits for practicing praise.

    The heart that invests in praise will grow up a life of possibilities. Be invested in praise.
    #GrowingHOPE Daily - 5 points - praise promotes connections

  1. First, give praise in the moment. When something happens or when you experience a blessing. Give praise right then and there.
  2. Second, move past the feelings to praise. Don’t wait until you feel like it. Praise until you feel better.

  3. Third, learn new ways to praise. The more we learn the more we have to offer.

  4. Fourth, be ready to praise along. Others will not always be ready or able to praise in the moment.

  5. Finally, be open to praising with others. Like everything, praise is even stronger and bolder when we do it together.

  6. Practice praise to make praise your practice.

    Growing HOPE Daily - practice praise

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