7 Tips and Not-So Secrets for Growing Relationships

You create success when you invest in growing relationships. It’s a simple focus, but vital for pursuing your BIG DREAMS. Relationships set the foundation for doing what you want to do and for standing strong in the storms.

When all is said and done, it sits on a foundation of relationships.

Invest in building and growing relationships

Keep it simple and have fun.

Be Attitudes for Growing Relationships

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  • Be genuine. Be the real you. Nothing turns off someone faster than a pile of . . . fiction. Even in your novels, you want there to be an element of truth. Be real to be in relationships.
  • Be open. Choose to expose your heart, your hopes, and your journey. You don’t have to tell all but you shouldn’t try to hide it. Exposed writing (and living) seeds the fields that allow you to glean a harvest of relationships.
  • Be honest. You can tell the truth or people will eventually see the truth on their own. The truth always has a way of being revealed. Go ahead and be honest about where you have been, where you are going, and what you are doing. Honest clears the air and nurtures relationships.
  • Be considerate. Think about others. Put others first. You may be trying to build a business or expand a platform but that doesn’t mean it’s all about you. Put others ahead of self to set the corner stone for growing up relationships.
  • Be attractive. Understand what your target market wants to see and hear – and how they want to ingest the information. When you engage your target with their interests in a way that is uniquely you then you create an attraction that sets the stage for relationship.
  • Be willing. Growing relationships takes intentional investment. Be willing to invest in the connections and opportunities to develop connections. Be willing to reach out to others and to be available to others. Put your willingness to work.
  • Be consistent. Keep your voice even. Keep your focus dependable. Maintain a consistency in action that shows you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing. Keep on doing it.

Made for relationships with Snarky Rainbows

Friendship Dance Brings People Together

Build up relationships by being the unique you that you are designed to be, after all it’s the best you that anyone can be.

We are designed to be in relationships – to work with others, to go with others, to be with others – because we are stronger and bolder when we go together. Growing relationship begins when you make the intentional choice to invest in others and with others.

How will you invest in growing relationships?

Be blessed,

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Be Attitudes for Growing Relationships

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