Distracted Church Caught in the Nothing

Distracted church stays busy with much doing instead of being focused on the better things.

I sat down at the computer to work and I had a great plan in mind when I sat down. The first notification caught my eye, and I perused the social media for a moment – just a moment – to see what delight I might find. Hours later . . . and I mean literal hours . . . I became aware that I had been distracted by nothing for most of my day.

Hummingbird effect - define your why

The sad thing is that I am not alone. Most churches that I have attended have been distracted by nothing for most of the days. They talked about the right chairs or having the right lighting for the service. They discussed the perfect programs for bringing in guests or getting new members. They talked. They discussed. Sometimes they even argued, fought, and split.

And then I would look around and realized that we had been distracted by nothing for way too long.

The Simple Truth of Distracted Church

  • No program or music will draw people to the church. Only the Father draws people. It was from the beginning and continues even today.
  • The Holy Spirit dwells in each person that has accepted Christ. He is not drawn either – not by the music, or the feelings and emotions, or the great preaching.
  • The building is not the church. The Church is the Body of Christ – one being with many parts working together for ONE purpose.
  • The only reason for the Church is to edify Christ and encourage each other in the edification.

What to do with the Simple Truths? Accept and move on – or at least that what should be done. Just like I have more valuable things I need to be doing with my time (and my dime) than chasing down stupid cat distractions, the Church has greater issues than the type of music played during the service.

Bigger Concerns for the Church

  • People are coming in the front doors, but then walking through and out the back doors without anyone noticing.
  • People are hungry for relationships with God and with each other and no amount of Wednesday night meals will feed that hunger.
  • More couples are getting divorced than are getting married – no wonder the world looks at us with such contempt.
  • People are idle and focused on idols – INCLUDING CHURCH ACTIVITIES – and these actions hinder the fundamental relationship with God.

It may be that I have broken it down a little too much for most people. “The world has changed.” I have heard them say. “Good for the world.” I would reply. “My God never changes.”

If God called people to Him from the beginning then He will continue to call people to Him today. My job – my part – is to know Him, Love Him, and join Him where He is working – whether there are drums or an organ matters little to a God that created it all.

Be blessed,


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