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A Husband Hideout

Any shelter becomes a sanctuary during the storm

I get it now.

My husband has taken to hiding out in his car each morning or sometimes during the day. I figured it was because he had become caught up in the antics of Rick and Bubba – or maybe he is just trying to annoy me because he KNOWS I am waiting like the patient and content wife for him to relieve me from mommy duty so that I can get some writing done. Most of the time I figure the latter!

Yesterday morning, I took my walk and then started to sit down and wait on the contractor to arrive. It had rained the night before and was trying to repeat the action. I decided that my car would make a safer location. I settled back into seat and enjoyed waited. The comfort of the car kept me safe from the biting flies, the falling rain and made it easier to relax. I was amazed at how much writing I accomplished.

This morning I returned to my oasis in the car. I had no meeting with the contractor, but it was so pleasant yesterday that it compelled me to return. It took two full articles, a few notes and even a bible study, but I FINALLY got it!

When chaos seeks to wreak havoc in your life, grab hold of even the tiniest limb. A sanctuary in the storm will allow the peace to take the place of panic and you will be encouraged to go on (even if that sanctuary is the car).

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