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A Life Worth Living

Every day, I invest in connecting with others. I dig through the radio scripts, the books, and the articles to find nuggets of hope and inspiration that I can pass on. The experts told me to be consistent in asking for the sale. My experience taught me that to make the sale I have to offer the product. My heart is showing me that by offering to connect, I grow more than just “a sale.”

Every day, I invest in reading and studying the Word. I follow the outline I created to help me read through the Bible every two months. I participate in weekly studies and follow study guides to give me more insight and understanding. The experts told me to know God and I would live that blessed life. My experience has taught me that if I am turned to God then I will dwell in His warmth. My heart is showing me that by focusing on God, the rest fades and is no longer the importance that I thought it was.

Every day, I invest in being more than I am right now. I take actions that will drive me forward in my plotted path. I join groups for encouragement and support in taking the steps down that path. The experts told me to keep stepping and keep reaching if I want to arrive at my destination. My own experience has taught me that the only way to get there is to go. My heart is showing me that by being consistent – even just a little bit at a time – I enjoy the journey and the arrival point is no longer the focus.

1-26-15 whose I am

It is an “Every Day” ride that I am on – not a destination or an end game. As long as I continue to step, to grow, to learn, to connect, to enjoy, to live, and to bask in the warmth then I will find myself living a life of peace and prosperity.

It will no longer be about the “what” of life, but it will all be about “Who.” And that is a life worth living.

Be blessed,

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