A Moment of HOPE – Life Lessons from a Pool

Sometimes the things that I have to do reveal more about my life than I ever imagined. My dad warned me that getting a pool would be hard work, but what he did not know was that I would learn as much about my life as I would about caring for that pool.

Life lessons learned from the pool:

    – Keep things clean at all times or you make it possible for bad things to grow.
    – Invest the time and effort to learn the individual needs for YOUR situation or invest the time, effort and resources to recover after things fall off track.
    – Now is the only time to deal with it – tomorrow the issue will have compounded.
    – Consistency and diligence will produce the crystal clear waters that bring joy to all those that encounter it.

Where have you learned an unexpected life lesson (or two)? Share here in the comments or link to your own post below.

Be blessed,


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