A Perfect Love Trait #2

Women enjoy those men of confidence. Usually they are the captain of the sports team or president of the class. Fear does not seem to have a place in their lives and that gives the women with them a little boost of residual confidence. God is confident in not only who He is but also in who I am and that offers more than just residual.

God is Confident

God created everything and everything answers to the name of God. That alone is reason enough for God to be confident. His confidence does not stop there but it pours out over me as well. He has confidence in the who that I am and in the who that I am becoming.

    1. God wove me in my mother’s womb so He knows my potential.

    2. God is the beginning and the end so he knows my past, present and future and He loves me despite of all that.

    3. God has sent the Holy Spirit to give me all the knowledge that I will ever need.

    4. God completes His purpose all I have to do is be willing to join Him where He is in the job that He is already doing.

The confidence of God gives me the strength to continue on and be all that I can be. It is easy to be drawn to someone with confidence because their attitude gives you comfort. Choose the confidence of God because it not only shows His strength but pours over to you as well. You become confident through Him.

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