A Study of the Book of Proverbs – Chapter Three

Start this day of study by reading Chapter Three from the Book Proverbs. Write down any Scripture that stands out. Also write down any questions or comments you might have about the reading for the day.

It all starts with the law. I have to invest the time and effort to know the details of who God is and what God wants in me and from me to live in the life that He wants FOR me.

The Actions of Proverbs

The teachings in Proverbs provide the directives for the actions of my life. The words drive home the ideas and the lessons that God wants me to act out in my daily living. Following these simple directives will open the door to the life that He has designed for me to live.

Following the Directives in Proverbs

      – Hold tight to the teachings of the Proverbs and do not let things of this world knock them loose from your grasp.

– Living out the Proverbs will lead me to favor, graciousness, intelligence and success in the One that wrote the Book.

– There can only be ONE refuge. I have to depend on and trust Him with all of my heart, soul and mind. My own comprehension can never become the focus.

– Getting Wisdom in my life will drive out the fear, clear the paths and provide prosperity. Wisdom is that INsight that comes from having the Holy Spirit dwell in my heart and provide me with the sight to go and do.

– It needs to be done right now! Do all that you can do and never wait until tomorrow to do it.

– Make honoring God a priority for every moment of your day. Let everything that you have and that you are be used to honor God – your finances, talents, time, abilities and gifts.

God provides His Spirit to help grow and increase my own spirit and to protect and maintain my life. I have to continue to put His Law into my heart and mind (from sunrise to sunset) to find my place of peace.

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